Credit Unions & Associations

In 1971 the Corrigan Agency began working with its first Credit Union in Gaithersburg Maryland.  Working closely with the Credit Union Board, they together developed a discounted Auto/Home Insurance Program for the membership.  This team, not content with just the program for it’s members, went to the Insurance carrier and negotiated an Administration Fee for the Credit Union itself.  This program, remains in effect to this day.

Over the next years, the Corrigan Agency formed partnerships with many more MD, DC and VA Credit Unions including both the smaller and the larger Credit Unions in the area.  Today the Corrigan Agency is one of the largest providers of Discounted Insurance Products to the Credit Union community in the area.

The Corrigan Agency began working closely with Associations in 1982.  Immediately, members began seeing another benefit of membership: discounted Auto & Home Insurance.  Other products were added over the years to fit the needs of the Association and its members.

As with our Credit Union partners, Corrigan Insurance also negotiated an Administration Fee for the Association.

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